Villani’s Lawn and Landscape

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Anthony Villani – Owner, Villani’s Lawn and Landscape.
Entrepreneurship was in his blood early on. As a kid, Anthony secured a lawn mowing job for his school. His parents would drive him to school with a lawn mower in the back of the vehicle. Anthony would mow the school’s lawn before attending after-school sports programs.

From a young age, Anthony Villani had entrepreneur wired into his DNA. His drive and ambition has paid off in the form of a very successful and growing business.

This hustle at an early age is the reason he has grown his company to what it is today. His team spent 3 months in Florida helping with Hurricane IRMA and prior to that helped in NJ with hurricane SANDY. They have built an ever-growing business and have been awarded many high profile projects including the Niagara Falls Country Club renovation. Villani’s provides traditional landscaping along with maintenance services, equipment rentals, and clean up- mainly in the commercial space.

The company is experiencing a growth spurt again and they are in the midst of a large expansion. Stay tuned! To learn more about their work and services check out their website.-

Contact them at (716) 299-1414.
Villani’s Lawn and Landscape is located at 6405 Packard Road in Niagara Falls.

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