Legacy Award 2020

Written by Board Member

Viola’s Submarine Shop

Congratulations to the Viola’s Family!

Violas started business in 1958 at their original location on Elmwood Ave. in downtown Niagara Falls. Their parents, Joe and Rita Tardibuono soon realized their dream of owning a business was about to get bigger. The Tardibuono and Viola families worked long hours and made many sacrifices to build our location here in the Town of Niagara on Military Rd.

Violas Sub Shop has been a well-known name in our community for 60 years. There are six siblings that continue to be very involved in the family-owned business.  Our work has played a crucial role in our family members and employees achieving their career goals, we treat everyone at Violas as part of the family. Our entire family holds hard work, dedication and most of all faith at a high level. The family would like to thank their parents for instilling these values into their lives and hope they are smiling down on them with pride. They would also like to thank the incredibly supportive community and their loyal customers for allowing them to create great experiences, relationships and memories, without them, there would be no Violas, period! 

“Our family thanks you dearly, from the bottom of our hearts. Thank you to the TNBPA for recognizing us and granting us this award, which we humbly and gratefully accept. It has been an honor to serve the fine people of this community. We only hope that God continues to bless us so that we can continue to make amazing friends, share delicious moments, and give back for another 60 years!” – The Viola Family


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