Date(s) - May 29, 2020
All Day


DEADLINE IS MAY 29th, 2020

Download the application here


1.  Qualifying candidate must  meet at least one of the following:
a.  Be a resident of the Town of Niagara
b.  Have an immediate family member who is a Town of Niagara business owner
(Immediate family member is defined as follows: (parent, grandparent, sibling, aunt, or uncle)
c.  Be a member of the current graduating class of either Niagara Wheatfield or  Niagara Falls.

​ 2.  Candidates must have been enrolled in the school system for at least two years immediately prior to graduation.

3.  The recipient must be a member of the present graduating class. generally, a student may apply whose average has been 85+ during his/her junior and senior years.

4.  The candidate must have a reasonable assurance of acceptance in a program of not less than two years in an accredited institute of high learning as listed in the College Blue Book. Correspondence courses shall not be accepted.


1.  Applications may be obtained from the guidance office. A candidate must return his/her application form completely filled out to the guidance office on or before April 26th, 2019

2.  A candidate must submit, along with his/her application, a typed, double-spaced essay of at least 150 words, telling “How My College Education Will Benefit Me and My Plans for the Future.”

3.  A candidate must submit, along with his/her application, a personal data sheet/resume and a letter of recommendation from school personnel. (i.e. Teacher, Guidance Counselor, Principal etc.)

4.  The guidance office will make available to the selection committee the academic average of each applicant.


1.  The selection committee shall determine the winner and appropriate alternatives.

2.  Two $500 scholarships will be awarded. Upon proof of college registration we will forward check to college.

3.  If, for any reason, the winner should not enter school in the fall, or in the second semester, the first eligible alternate will become the recipient of the scholarship.