Business Person of the Year 2020

Written by Board Member

Peter Murray of Swimmin with the Fishes

Congratulations Peter!

Peter Murray has been involved in heating, ventilation, and air conditioning for much of his career.  He is a New Jersey native who fell for a WNY women, moved to the area and began working for various HVAC companies. Peter loved the work and built good relationships with customers and co-workers over the years.

Using his strong background in electrical and plumbing, Peter finally made the choice to leave his full-time job and give his undivided attention to his own company. He began serving the residents of WNY in commercial and residential heating and cooling. His unwavering commitment and quality work got people talking. Peter and his team of four are not only doing HVAC work but pool work as well. He and his team can do virtually anything other than building the pool itself.  Through mostly word of mouth referrals, his business began to grow.  He attributes his success to his customers who refer him business and notes that he rarely does any advertising because he gets so many referrals. 

Again, his quality work shines and Peter does over 400 openings and closings per year!  Peter lives on Cayuga Island with his wife and two daughters.  He is extremely grateful and appreciative of this award, but he says it’s not all him. He wants to thank his team for being loyal, hardworking and consistent over the years. Without them, none of this would be possible.


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