We Help Make Our Town Beautiful

Written by Board Member

The TNBPA is proud to partner with the Town of Niagara each year on the beautification efforts along Military Road and other areas of the Town!  These gorgeous flower pots are enjoyed by tourists and residents throughout the entire summer (and into Fall!)  and we’d like to give special thanks to the Town of Niagara park staff for taking such great care of the flowers and pots each year – your hard work helps keep this beautification tradition alive!

Town of Niagara is a beautiful area. It’s neighborhoods are well kept, lots of trees and greenery on the streets that make for a peaceful quiet place to live.   Our town’s leadership and highway department do a great job keeping things neat and maintaining the  parks we all enjoy.   If you go into the neighborhoods or drive down Military Road, you’ll see a sense of pride beautifully expressed with green thumbs. There’s no shortage of flowers, shrubs, well maintained store fronts and beautiful gardens.

We’re proud as an association to be part of our town’s beautification.   We’ve made it a tradition to do our small part in keeping the Town of Niagara a beautiful place to live and work.  Every year we donate the flower pots along Military Rd and other areas as a way to reinvest in our community and show residents and businesses we share the same pride in our area.



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