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Written by Board Member

Annette Tomlin, who is serving as VP/Niagara Regional Community Office Manager was hand picked by the Bank on Buffalo executive team to lead the team in Niagara Falls. A Lewiston native, Tomlin reached out to her extensive network and recruited some of the top talent in the area. Her infectious optimism and genuine desire to help the people in her community are among the reasons, Banking Officer, Paul Jakubowski decided to join her team. Annette is not just a banker, she’s a connector, a people developer and a giver. She embodies servant leadership with enthusiasm and she is on a mission to be a resource to the community and a mentor to her team.

The BankonBuffalo team has an energy and enthusiasim that’s unmatched. Somehow they make finance and banking fun. For Annette and her team it’s all about serving.

During our visit we spoke with a customer, who said he comes to BankOnBuffalo because the staff treats him like family. He went on to say he moved his business to BankOnBuffalo initially for the great products and rates, but the level of personal service exceeded his expectations. Annette told us that is the mission of the team, give people the best rates, products that help them and provide an exceptionally personal experience.

In alignment with her mission of helping people in her community, Tomlin established a partnership with the Niagara Falls Water Board so residents can pay their water bill at the bank. She said she is always looking for ways to offer high value and convienece to customers. Annette understands the complexity of managing finances she is determined to help people save or make money with the bank.

As a community bank, BankOnBuffalo, a division of CNB Bank, is being developed by local people and businesses. This local decision-making increases the level of service provided to the communities in and around Buffalo and brings growth to the entire region. BankOnBuffalo has opened full-service branches Erie County and most recently in Niagara Falls. The Niagara Falls branch is operating out of a temporary location while construction is underway on their permanent home located on 72nd Street and Niagara Falls Blvd.

The Wheatfield branch has collected deposits of nearly $50 million since opening last August, surpassing bank officials’ expectations. They offer checking and savings products for individuals and businesses with some of the best rates in the area and many with no minimum balances. Stop in and talk to the team about making a switch or setting up new accounts. 

Stop in to talk with Annette and her team to learn more about the services and products they are offering to the Niagara community.


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